Naturaful™ Guarantee – 60 days

Let's face it, there are thousands of nutritional products and supplements to choose from and each varies widely from price and quality. At Naturaful, our goal is not only to provide you with quality products at a great low price – our goal is to bring you products that work safely, naturally and effectively. To ensure our products work and are of the highest quality we strictly follow our manufacturing and safety policies. Our quality and attention to detail is unmatched in our industry.

At Naturaful, we strive to make ALL of our customers happy however we know that not everyone will be 100% satisfied with their results. That is why we have implemented a non hassle 60 day money back guarantee. Simply return your unopened products for a refund within 60 days of making purchase. (less restocking fee and shipping and handling). See Terms and Conditions for full details.

Naturaful Manufacturing

Your health and well being is too valuable to be undermined. It is essential that everything you digest comes from a source that is reputable and of the highest quality. At Naturaful, our ingredients are derived from a Good Manufacturing Practices ("GMP") certified manufacturer. Only then, can you be assured that the individual ingredients have undergone thorough evaluations for quality, purity, and safety. At Naturaful, quality
control is critical and we mandate that all our manufacturers are GMP certified.

Purest and Safest Ingredients
In selecting what goes into our formulas, we take extra
precaution in choosing ONLY the finest natural
ingredients-in optimal concentrations and tested for

Our testing includes:
» Identity and potency of active ingredients; and
» We test for pesticides, heavy metals, microbiology,
moisture, hardness and friability of supplements,
disintegration, odor, and taste, in addition to other
more specialized testing.

Quality Assurance

A product can be consistently well made according to GMP standards, but that doesn't necessarily mean it has the potential to improve everyone's health – it has to work. Quality at Naturaful doesn't mean just meeting a minimum standard of ingredient identity and sanitation or simply verifying that the product in the bottle matches the strength and concentration of ingredients printed on the label. At Naturaful, our products have to meet our higher standards of Quality Assurance. We proudly put our name on every bottle.

Safe Technology

When you shop at Naturaful, you will become one of thousands of satisfied customers who have taken the step towards a healthier tomorrow. To ensure that Naturaful is safely purchased without the risk of fraud or exposure of your credit card information, we have implemented rigorous standards of Safe Technology. Naturaful's Safe Technology procedures are constantly monitored and tested to make sure every transaction is encrypted and secure.

Secure and safe Transactions
Natural botanical ingredients