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Are Breast Enlargement Pills Safe


There are many solutions for women who are trying to achieve a fuller bust line. While some women opt for breast augmentation surgery, many women decide to seek natural and less invasive ways to go about attaining larger breasts. There are many kinds of breast enhancement pills on the market that claim to give women larger breasts, but nonetheless, just because pills may have less down time than surgery doesn't mean that they are not risky in and of themselves.


Because of this, many women are deciding to take the healthier route to gaining more breast tissue by using breast enhancement creams like Naturaful Breast Cream, which is a topical and natural alternative to breast enhancement pills and surgeries.

Breast enhancement pills are not regulated by the FDA

The most glaring and compelling reason for not consuming breast enhancement pills is the fact that these are not regulated by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). It may sound convenient to pop a breast enhancement pill to get bigger breasts, but the idea is simply a fallacy. The point is that absolutely no breast enhancement pills are actually regulated by the FDA.

Why it's important to double-check that your pills are regulated by the FDA

The Food and Drug Administration was first enacted for a very important reason-to keep people safe! The FDA is there to protect consumers from products in which users may have adverse side effects like injury, or even death. Since no separate entity is policing the processes used in these breast enhancement pills, there is no way for the user to know what exactly they are putting into their body.


Some popular breast enhancement pills make big claims saying that they only use all-natural ingredients, but if there is no agency keeping the companies honest and protecting the consumers, then there is no way to know whether these declarations can ever be substantiated.


Another great reason to only ingest pills that are approved by the FDA is that the agency also tests the drugs for efficacy. What does this mean exactly? Simply put, the FDA makes sure that the pills that you are putting in your body work! Many of the popular breast enhancement pills sold online or in stores ask the user to take the pills continuously for at least 6 months to see any results at all. That is a lot of time and money to invest for a pill that may not even do what it claims to do.

Do doctors recommend taking products that are not regulated by the FDA?

Absolutely not. Doctors do not recommend taking any products that are not regulated by the FDA. In fact, doctors run into problems with this all of the time, especially when they are trying to prescribe prescription medication. If a patient is taking a supplement where the ingredients are unknown or unsubstantiated, then the doctor will have a hard time determining if the pill may interact with other prescription drugs.

Are there better alternatives to breast enhancement pills?

Absolutely! Try Naturaful Breast Cream. This topical breast enhancement cream is completely safe and full of natural ingredients. You will see an increase of one to two cups sizes and firmer, bigger breasts.


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