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Breast Enlargement/Enhancement Massage



Let's be honest, most women out there want, fuller and firmer breasts. Though there are multiple ways to achieve this, the simplest and safest way to do this is by using breast enhancement cream like Naturaful Breast Cream. The key to this cream's effectiveness lies in its natural ingredients as well as its method application. The prescribed way to apply Naturaful Breast Cream is through the technique known as breast massage.

Why does massaging your breasts with breast enhancement cream help you achieve fuller and firmer breasts?

Breast massage increases the flow of blood into the breast tissue, allowing for growth to be stimulated. Unfortunately, breast massage will not allow for breasts to grow on their own. Massage to the breast tissue must be paired with the application is breast cream in order for the breasts to grow. The natural ingredients in Naturaful Breast Cream dissolves into the skin through the pores-this process stimulates the growth of hormones which helps to increase breast tissue.

How do I massage my breasts?

Here is a step-by-step process for you to follow so that you can apply Natuaful Breast Cream through the most effective method-breast massage.

  1. It's important that the bust area is warm before application. You can do this by warming up your hands first. You can rub them back and forth together for several minutes before touching the breasts, but most women prefer to start with the massage after a hot shower or after holding a warm compress to the breast area.
  2. The next step is to actually apply the breast enhancement cream to the breasts. The key here is to not use to little or too much. You simply need to be able to use enough cream so that it completely covers your unique bust line. The amount used, of course, will vary from woman to woman, depending on her own personal bust size.
  3. Cover your right breast with your right hand and your left breast with your left hands. Focus on the breast area, there is no need to put any of your effort on the nipple area during the breast massage.
  4. Now it is time for you to start the actual massage. Breast massages are unique because you are dealing with centralized and delicate tissue. Therefore, avoid kneading the area. Instead, focus on making circular motions and an inward direction onto each breast. It is important that you cover every direction that your breast tissue lays. You can think of this as focusing on the top, then right side, bottom, and left side of each breast. Remember to give the same amount of attention to each area.
  5. Massage the breast cream into the breasts for a total of 10 minutes.

Naturaful breast enhancement cream works best when it is applied twice per day with the breast massage technique, so be sure that you take the necessary time in order to achieve the result of bugger, fuller breasts.


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