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Breast Enlargement with Saline Injection


Saline injections into the breast tissue is a bit of a new phenomenon. Though the procedure is non-surgical and claims to be almost pain free, the high cost as well as the extremely short time that the user gets bigger breasts are downsides for many women who are looking for permanent solutions to increase their bust size.

How can you enlarge the size of your breasts with saline injections?

Women can achieve bigger breasts by simply going to a physician who is specialized in saline injection procedures. The process itself is said to take only about 15 to 20 minutes. The doctor will first numb the area then will inject the saline directly into the breasts. Apparently there is little to no pain during the procedure, but there is a risk of bruising that is similar to when a patient gets their blood drawn. The bruising should go away within 24 hours.


How does the saline remove itself from the breast area? The answer is actually simple-patients end up urinating the substance out. Though it may not bother some, the more medically squeamish user could be put off by that fact.

The problems with saline injections for breast enlargement



Since saline injections for breast enlargement is categorized as entirely a new technology, some doctors are hesitant to speak much about the long term safety of the process. There have been some concerns that patients may be sensitive to the saline formula or that it the saline could create problems when mammograms are done. Also, there is uncertainty on whether traces of saline left in the body can have long term health effects on the user.




The best part of saline injections for breast enlargement is that the patient has control over their breast size. The doctor administering the saline can make the results as small or more noticeable within reason. The main problem here lies in the very short time that the patient gets to enjoy their bigger, fuller breasts. Saline injections for breast enlargement are only guaranteed a mere 24 hours before the solution is passed through the system. When the saline leaves the breast area, the patient's breast size is said to be reduced to their original size, pre-procedure. This fact can be a major downside for any woman who is looking for permanently larger breasts with long lasting results.



The cost of the saline injection for breast enlargement procedure is usually the deal breaker that forces most women to stop considering the process. At this point in time, $2,500-$3,500 will buy you a bigger pair a breasts, but only for the short 24-hour time period. This short term process is hardly a solution, especially considering the fact that the long term effects of injecting saline into the breast area is currently unknown.


Is there a better way to get fuller breasts?

The safest, most natural and effective way to get fuller breasts is by using a breast enhancement cream like Naturaful Breast Cream. When used as directed, Naturaful Breast Cream gives the user fuller, perkier, more attractive breasts and the best part is that the results are permanent!


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