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Different Kinds of Breast Enhancement


The breast is an ever-changing dynamic structure. Its shape, size and tissue quality vary and change with age, pregnancy, weight and total body fat. That’s why most women choose to enhance their breasts if their original breast size and shape is not as pleasing as they would like. Breast enhancement is a popular procedure for women who want to increase the size or enhance the tautness and shape of their breasts.

Over the years, various other methods of breast enhancement have been discovered and are divided into surgical and nonsurgical procedures such as NATURAFUL cream as discussed below.

Microfat grafting

micro-fat grafting breast implants

Microfat grafting is an implant free fat transfer breast augmentation technique. The procedure is minimally invasive and has the side benefit of utilizing liposuction to Harvest the fat from other areas of your body such as the thighs or buttocks. It involves harvesting fat through liposuction and strategically injecting into the breasts.

New blood vessels are stimulated to form around the new fat deposits. This allows body fat integration and a high ratio of fat survival. It is also possible to perform the procedure for slender people. However if the person looses weight after this procedure, the effects of the procedure can be lost.

Titanium coated breast implant

This is a surgical procedure that involves insertion of a titanium coated silicone elastomer shell filled with silicone gel in the breast. Silicone gel is enclosed in titanium because of its inert properties and also reduces the risk of the body rejecting the implant and formation of scar tissue. It is a relatively new method of breast enhancement and would therefore not be recommended because its health effects are yet to be established.

Saline breast implant

Saline silicone breast implants

This is also another implantation procedure similar to the silicone gel breast implant. In this case, however, the implant is composed of a silicone shell, which is semi-permeable and durable. It is then filled with a solution of water and salt, which can be absorbed by the body.

In case the implant ruptures, there are no health effects that will occur since the solution is harmless. The saline implant can yield better results compared to the silicone gel implant.

Increased breast size, smoother hemisphere-contour, and realistic texture. Has more chances of causing cosmetic problems. To avoid the cosmetic problems choose natural breast enhancement creams such as Naturaful instead.

Hydrogel Breast Implants

Hydrogel breast implants, implants quite similar to the saline breast in that it is biocompatible where the body can cope with any leakage by absorbing the solution. Apart from this, the hydrogel implant tends to maintain the silicone gel implant. The breast will feel more natural and supple if you use natural enhcment creams.

The Use of Glandular Pills

Bovine ovary pills are based on the glandular therapy, used to strengthen the corresponding human gland. The bovine ovary is made from freeze-dried ovaries of female cows. Once the pills are taken, they affect the pituitary gland and also the ovaries to start the hormonal process needed for breast growth.

Breast enhancement creams

Naturaful is a renowned natural breast enhancement cream that naturally stimulates and replicates the natural growth of breast tissue, a similar process to what is experienced during puberty or pregnancy.

Naturaful is the only known safe method to stimulate breast tissue growth without promoting milk production. It simply encourages the natural breast growth process. Note Naturaful unique formula comes in a topical cream and not a dietary supplement, thus able to isolate the targeted area and begin work quickly.

Use of herbal pills

Unlike the glandular pills made from animal parts the herbal pills are extracted from plants. Phytoestrogens are the main ingredient extracted from plants that are used to make the pills. The Phytoestrogens are plant compounds believed to act like estrogen in human beings. Estrogen in females induces the growth and development of the female body and in this case the breasts. The herb pills also increase milk production in lactating mothers because they are often galactagogues.

The use of these pills, however, is not as quick and dramatic as surgery and also do not guarantee the desired effect.

Last Take

All the mentioned breast enhancement techniques have their advantages and disadvantages. It is, therefore, important to seek medical advice before settling for a specific procedure. Even though scientific and technological advancements increase the possibility of safer breast enhancement techniques, it is imperative that one takes the time to think critically before deciding on breast enhancement. Choose Naturaful natural breast enhancement cream.


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