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How Does Breast Enlargement with Fat Transfer Work


When it comes to breast enlargement there are so many options out there. While some women prefer to take the plunge and go the surgical route to get expensive, painful breast implants, others opt for more natural options breast enhancement creams (Naturaful Breast Cream). Though breast creams are the best choice, sometimes women choose to go a different route. Breast enlargement by fat transfer can be seen as more of a middle ground solution than getting full breast augmentation surgery, but just because fat transfer is less invasive doesn't mean it's better than breast implants.

How breast enlargement with fat transfer work

The technical term for this technique is called micro-fat grafting. Micro-fat grafting is not new in the medical community. People have been transferring fat from undesireable areas to the desired areas of their body for decades. This fat transfer technique can be done for not just the breasts, but the lips, buttocks, and cheeks as well.


This fat transfer process works in 2 steps. In the first step, the patient and the physician will discuss the areas in which the patient wants to slim down. This is called the harvest process. This, of course, is completely dependant on where the woman would like to appear slimmer. Some women may choose the buttocks, belly, or thighs. When the desired area is target, the physician will use a syringe to eject the fact cells from the chosen area.


In the second step of this process the physician will begin injecting the fat cells into the breasts. It is common for there to be a discussion prior to the procedure where the patient will talk to the doctor about their desired breast shape and size.

Recovery time

Though this fat transfer technique boasts a faster downtime of 3 weeks than a breast augmentation (at least 6 weeks), it does not mean that it is a painless experience. Many women complain of severe soreness following the process. Micro-fat grafting for the breasts is an outpatient procedure, but it is important that the patient does not continue with normal activities for at least three weeks.


The cost of the breast enlargement fat transfer procedure is generally the deal breaker for women who are focused on achieveing larger breasts naturally. Women interested in this procedure need to know that it will cost them between $4,000 to $6,000.


Patients experience varying results with this procedure. The main issue is that the outcome is not immediately visible. It could take up to 6 months to see the fullness and firmness that you desire. Additionally, this procedure can end up being a useless journey if your weight fluctuates. So, if you are planning on getting pregnant or losing any significant amount of weight then this procedure is not for you.

I want bigger breasts naturally. Are there any other options?

Yes! If you are trying to achieve a bigger bust line at a fraction of the cost of expensive procedures, then try Naturaful Breast Cream. It is the safe option for firmer and larger breasts. No down time, no health risks, just beautiful breasts.


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