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How to Balance Uneven Breasts?


Uneven breasts are caused by a variety of reasons and can affect any women regardless of age, race, or breast size. If you suffer from uneven breasts, then it is important that you know that there are solutions out there for you and ways to balance your uneven breasts.

Why are some women's breasts uneven?

Statistically speaking, 45% of women suffer from uneven breast size or placement. In fact, almost half of all women have one breast that is half of a cup to a full cup size bigger than the other.


Hormonal Imbalance


If your hormones were imbalanced during your time of puberty, then this may be the culprit for your uneven breasts. This is due to varying estrogen levels in the body in girls' teenage years.


Left Handed or Right Handed Use


Are you ambidextrous? Very few people are! An additional reason for uneven breasts is due to women favoring one hand over the other. If you are right handed for instance, your right side becomes stronger, giving the appearance of a bigger breast on the right side.


Body Alignment


Very few people have perfect posture or alignment. Pay attention to how you sleep, work, and sit because this can be affecting the appearance of your breasts. You may be developing muscles in your body that give you an uneven or imbalanced appearance. A physical therapist is a good professional to turn if you feel that this might be your problem.




Motherhood is usually a woman's happiest time, but childbirth and breastfeeding in particular can wreak havoc on the alignment of the breasts. After long periods of nursing most women complain that they are left with deflated, uneven, and saggy looking breasts. If the infant favored one breast over the other, then that breast may have lost more tissue than the other.

How can I balance my uneven breasts?

Now that you have more information regarding why you have uneven breasts, you have the knowledge and the power needed in order to make a change in your breasts' appearance.


  1. Look at the above list and identify the culprit. If you are still stumped, visit a doctor or medical professional. They may have some better ideas.
  2. Seek the help of a physical therapist or doctor if you are suffering from a hormonal imbalance or body alignment.
  3. Instate help from a breast enhancement cream like Naturaful Breast Cream. Naturaful Breast Cream is the best choice because it contains natural ingredients that help the body produce the hormones necessary to re-grow breast tissue.
  4. Once you get the Naturaful Breast Cream, be sure to use as applied. This includes applying the cream over the freshly washed, warm breast area twice per day. It is also quite important that when applied you stimulate your blood flow by applying the cream via breast massage.


You have the tools you need to balance your uneven breasts!


Now that you have all of the tools and knowledge needed to reclaim your even, full breasts, take control and make the change!


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