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How to Increase My Breast Size Naturally?

how to increase breast size naturally

Breast size can be affected by a variety of factors to include: Genetics, lifestyle, weight and ethnicity. If you want to get bigger breasts naturally, you have many options. Will these alternative methods increase breast size naturally? This question is difficult to answer. For some people, breast enlargement without surgery may work, for others it may not. In order to make your breast bigger naturally, carefully explore all your options. Some of your natural breast enlargement options include: Breast enlargement creams, supplements, breast enhancement pumps, exercises and natural breast enhancement massages. Below I will discuss these options in more detail. 


Any exercise that targets your chest, back, and shoulders can help firm and potentially make your breast bigger. Some of the most popular breast enlargement exercises are: Wall presses, arm circles, arm presses, prayer poses, horizontal chest press, chest extensions and modified pushups. Exercising is truly all natural, but some people may not be capable of exercising. 

Breast Enlargement Cream 

Breast enhancement creams work by growing all parts of the breast. This includes the fatty tissue and ligaments. Creams also focus on making the nipples firmer and fuller. Naturaful Breast Enhancement Solution is the best breast enlargement cream. It has proven results and has been used by over 100,000 customers all over the world. 

Natural Breast Enhancement Supplements 

Natural breast enlargement supplements could increase breast size naturally because of herbs that have similar effects to estrogen. Birth control pills can temporarily increase breast size because of estrogen. Estrogen is known to affect breast tissue and increase fluid retention in the breast. Supplements have potential serious side effects and there is little to no evidence to suggest that they are safe. 

Breast Enlargement Pump 

To get bigger breasts, breast pumps are another option. Breast pumps use suction to expand and enlarge breast tissue. Breast pumps do work, but they have many limitations. The primary problem is that it requires a lot of time to see any results. Typically, the pump has to be worn for 10-12 hours a day for a minimum of 10 weeks to see any results. Also, the pumps are cumbersome and hard to hide beneath clothing. At best, the size increase is a cup size. 

Breast Massages 

Breast massages can be effective in increasing breast size. Especially when you massage breasts with Naturaful cream, which has been proven to contain ingredients that stimulate breast tissue growth on a cellular level. Breast tissue is very responsive to stimulation. Massage also increases blood circulation. This stimulation and increase in blood circulation triggers positive effects that aid in firmness and shape of the breast. Massages also increase healthy hormones which raise the levels of oxytocin. 

In closing, there are many natural breast enlargement options. It is important to consider all alternatives before deciding what's best for you. Naturaful is one of the most effective and proven natural breast enhancement options.

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