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Vitamins for Breast Growth, and Other Natural Breast Enhancement Solutions

Women who don't like the size of their breasts have several options. Many women assume they'll need breast enlargement surgery. However, there are less expensive and less invasive options to consider first, like vitamins, herbal supplements, and breast enlargement creams. Natural breast enlargement is possible using one of these methods. 

Vitamins that Promote Breast Growth 

Vitamin A - This vitamin is also called beta carotene. It helps nourish the skin and plays a huge role in enhancing your body's health to keep your breasts from sagging. It's most effective when combined with vitamins C and E. Excellent sources include carrots, spinach, milk, fish, sweet potatoes, dried apricots, and mangoes. 

Vitamin C - Vitamin C is important for collagen production, which produces new healthy skin. Collagen keeps your skin firm and toned to give you perky breasts. Whether or not you enlarge your breasts, this vitamin should be part of your diet for overall health. The best sources are citrus fruits and vegetables. 

Vitamin E - This vitamin is beneficial for overall health, but is especially important for skin. It helps relieve PMS symptoms and regulates the balance between estrogen and progesterone. It can be found in dark leafy greens and nuts. 

Vitamin B6 - It promotes good cardiovascular health, which leads to stimulation in the breasts. Good dietary sources include peanuts, chicken, liver, and fish. 

If you don't get adequate amounts of these vitamins in your diet, you may actually notice your breasts getting smaller. If you do get enough of vitamins and your breasts still aren't as large as you'd like, there are three other vitamins that affect breast growth more directly: 

Folic acid - this vitamin is fundamental for the growth of breast tissue. 

Iodine - People deficient in iodine increases the levels of estrogen supplements for breast growth. 

Zinc - This vitamin is important for the growth of new breast tissue. 

Herbal supplements 

If you get adequate amounts of all these vitamins and you're still not happy with your breast growth, you may want to look at herbal supplements. Some herbal supplements that help stimulate breast growth include: 

Wild yam - Wild yam contributes to hormone production, which helps stimulate breast growth. It helps you breasts appear larger by using your body's progesterone to balance your hormones. 

Dong Quai - This supplement helps your body's circulation process, which is important for healthy skin production. It also helps even out your hormones, which then causes the breasts to get bigger. 

Saw Palmetto - This herbal supplement helps increase the size of your mammary glands. 

If you're getting plenty of vitamins, and you're nervous about using herbal supplements, you can also try a natural breast enhancement solution like Naturaful Breast Enhancement Solution. Breast enlargement creams contain phytoestrogens and other natural ingredients that help enlarge breasts when women are already getting enough vitamins and minerals, but still aren't happy with the size of their breasts.
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