The only comprehensive breast

enhancement patch

Enhancement Patch

Naturaful's Breast Enhancement Patch is the all NEW Research proven plant Isoflavone treatment made to use with the Naturaful cream to enhance breasts. Made with 7 active magnets that increase blood circulation for maximum results.

Enhancement Patch

what is the enhancement patch?

Naturaful Breast Enhancement Patch contains premium breast enhancement oils made from Pueraria Mirifica, Motherwort, Ginseng, and more, to increase breast micro-circulation and nutrition by inducting and activating the endocrine glands. This boosts the production of breast cells, which increases breast firmness and size.

Naturaful Breast Enhancement patch must be used in conjunction with Naturaful breast cream for maximum results

Magnetic field
Blood circulation
Nutrient absorption
Transdermal absorption

clinical grade
magnetic therapy

Research now shows magnetic therapy increases blood circulation and oxygen supply. The Enhancement Patch is loaded with seven clinical grade magnets that help blood flow and draw nutrients into the breast tissue.

breast enhancement

Enhancement Patch
natural oils
premium natural ingredients
self adhesive surface
7 active magnets
Lasts upto 8 hours

Discrete & portable

Wear the Naturaful Breast Enhancement Patch on-the-go discretely under your clothes while at work or home. Each patch lasts comfortably upto 8 hours.


Seven active
Magnetic fields

the seven active magnets enhances circulation as iron in the blood is attracted to the biomagnets which aids in higher nutrient absorbtion & extraction from Enhancement Patch. Positive effect on hormone production and PH balance of cells have been reported by using medical grade biomagnets.

increases blood circulation

Real people.
Real results.

Authentic customer video, but results may vary.
Authentic customer video, but results may vary.
Authentic customer video, but results may vary.
So Convenient & Easy

I’m a busy mom and I love how I can wear the Enhancement Patch after appling the cream. Using both together, I’ve already seen amazing growth and firming in my 3rd week.

Susan T.
Dallas, TX
I Wear it to Work

This Enhancement Patch is so easy to use, I simply stick it on before I leave for work. This is best soultion for breast growth.

Marisa S.
Vancouver, BC
I had to get New Bras!

I have grown 1 whole cup size in one month of using the cream and enhancement patch. I had to get new bras. I love this product, it’s so discrete.

Stella D.
San Joes, CA

Firm, lift & enhance
wearable solution

Grab your enhancement patch on the go and simply apply it for upto 8 hours.

A pack of these nifty patches is now included with the purchase of Naturaful cream, making it easier for all those busy moms, students, profesionals to stay on track of their enhancement goals.

Most comprehensive
Enhancement treatment

The only brand that provides a full comprehensive breast lift, firm & enhancement treatment.

Now includes: Naturaful Cream, Naturaful Enhancement Patch & Handbook